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At Intentional Folk we are intentional in what we do. We grow beautiful, specialty crops. We use a gentle infusion method to process our hemp into coconut oil. We sell our products directly to YOU! We intentionally do it all as simply and as naturally as the law allows. Enjoy!

"Let's grow hemp. It has the power to change the way we feel, and we both want people to feel better."
-the matter-of-fact way we entered this journey


Witam! I'm Dr. Margie

(Witam is Polish for "Greetings!")

Thank you for visiting Intentional Folk!

I have a PhD in the plant uptake of nutrient and metals. I love to grow plants and to research them. But you may be wondering, what possessed me and Natasha to start an online CBD store during COVID-19? Because we were scared and worried, and these products have the potential to help! Many of us live in an overwhelmed state, but we can help.

The CBD industry is growing rapidly, and although there are good products on the market, there are also a few duds. I’m not always sure which are which. That’s exactly why our team has worked so hard to get these handmade, artisan products to YOU as quickly as possible

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Is the product full spectrum or an isolate? How many mg CBD does it contain? Check out our info sheet "How to shop for CBD" for easy tips to know the difference.

We guarantee every step possible is taken to ensure that The Hemp Folk products are intentionally created with:

  1. our beloved hemp plants grown organically on Intentional Growth Farm;

  2. a gentle infusion technique that maintains the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes, and;

  3. manufactured in a certified GMP kitchen/processing facility.

We are BIG fans of these products and use them every single day. They help us sleep better. They help with feelings of depression and anxiety. They alleviate our pain and reduce inflammation. 

We have multiple products ready for sale across the USA. Each product goes through stringent third-party laboratory testing and has a Product Registration Certificate. We gladly jump these hoops so that our customers are certain of the safety and quality of our products. 

Hola! I'm Natasha

(Hola is spanish for "Hello!")

Welcome! My role is to manage the farm and everyday production. 

Margie and I started this fantastical journey together, but luckily we found that our skill sets differ in all the right ways. For example, I am in charge of new ideas, growing crops, and all aspects of production. Margie does paperwork, calculations and the heavy lifting.  Although grossly simplified, it's mostly true. She'll agree. 

We are forever grateful to be able to do what we love. I adore growing hemp, microgreens and mushrooms (I'm a horticulturalist for this reason). I adore culinary arts (did you know I'm a certified kitchen manager?). I am eternally grateful to have the privilege to provide healthy products that are delicious, nutritious, and help alleviate that which ails you. Salud!


2 sister companies under one umbrella

Intentional Folk's journey has been SO FUN! I guess that once we started growing hemp things got a little out of control. We couldn't stop ourselves from growing microgreens and mushrooms with the hemp waste (stalks and branches that otherwise would've become compost). We began to make CBD products that we didn't see on the market; products that are simple, natural, and effective.

We grow               We process

Intentional Growth Farm                    |             The Hemp Folk

Illustration of The Hemp Folk Products
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