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We grow industrial hemp specifically for hemp-derived CBD


We are
Northern Utah's
premier hemp growers

At Intentional Growth Farm we make it our business to grow only the cleanest, purest, and best flower possible. That's why you can be confident that The Hemp Folk products are made directly from the highest quality (and most loved!) plants this side of the Mississippi.

There’s never been a better time to learn what Hemp CBD can do for you! Here’s why you’ll love our products:

  • Our plants are organically grown

  • Certified pesticide and microbe free

  • 100’s of physical health benefits

  • Will NOT get you high!

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Intentional Growth Farm's
Video interview

Dr. Margie Rycewicz-Borecki talks about farming industrial hemp, the benefits of cannabinoids (especially CBD), and takes you on a tour of our farm. 


 on You Tube:

This video is age restricted. Watch it on YouTube

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Beautiful plants!

Wow. I can’t believe how beautiful the farm and the plants are! Intentionally very well done! Every thing is gorgeous!


- Fellow Hemp Farmer in Utah

Highest quality in Northern Utah

I’ve seen most of the farms in Northern Utah, and Intentional Growth is the best small farm with the largest, most prolific growth. The owners have managed numerous obstacles and have a near-perfect crop.

- Compliance Lead at Utah Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF)

I’m stunned. It’s gorgeous!

Intentional Growth planted my Hawthorne Express seeds, and now I have a wonderful example of how they grow and produce! I look forward to working with them again to enhance the genetics even farther.

- Hemp Seed Geneticist

Our Flower and Biomass

We grow Hawthorn Express Industrial Hemp

Hawthorn Express is the amazing strain that we've concentrated on growing the past few years. Hawthorn is a hybrid originating from the AC\DC hemp strain. She smells of sweet apple with pine, cinnamon and hops terpenes. Slightly harsh on the hit, but then sweet and sour with hints of tanginess. (COA: flower 11.7% CBD)


Our Mission

The Intentional Growth Farm’s mission is to provide pure hemp (CBD) products of the highest quality, farm to table style. We love to grow industrial hemp on our farm. We also gently infuse our hemp flower into coconut oil and produce our own products under THE HEMP FOLK label. We are committed to working with local businesses to provide unique “Utah’s Own” products that help increase quality of life. We provide tools for relief and wellness which do not alter your state (hemp will NOT get you high).


years pre-production research by 2 experts


pounds of plants harvested


years planting, growing, and harvesting


hemp-derived products created with our flower

Intentional People


Natasha Quinones-Rodriguez is a horticulturalist and master grower with a passion for cannabis cultivation. She is the mastermind behind our growth-cycle plan.


Margie Borecki is a researcher, educator, and farmer with a PhD in plant uptake of nutrients and metals. She is meticulous in processes and procedures to ensure only the highest quality flower and products.

Learn more about us here

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You may not know...

Hemp is federally legal, so we tried selling our flower and joints, but each state has their own distinct laws.

Be sure you know your state’s laws! 

Our experience was beyond frustrating. We dealt with a bunch of red tape, paralyzing fear o, and suspicion.

As a result, we don't sell flower anymore. 

Don't worry, in lieu of purchasing flower, you can use our AMAZING hemp infused coconut oil.

It's simple and natural. Use this oil to make every product you dream up!  

Our products are 100% legal to be bought and sold across the continental United States. But remember, when dealing with the hemp plant (biomass or flower) every state has different rules that are often confusing and/or misleading so it’s important to check with your local authorities.


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