Certificates of Analysis (COAs)

A Certificate of Analysis is a document issued by a third-party laboratory (DB Labs in Nevada). These COAs confirm that a regulated product meets its product specification.  All of our products have a Certificates of Analysis. Click the images below to download the full PDFs:

Gummies COA.png
Gummies COA
BodyButter COA.jpg
Body Butter COA
Lip Balm COA.png
Lip Balm COA
Coconut Oil COA.png
Coconut Oil COA
Topical Oil COA.png
Topical Oil COA
Tincture COA.png
Tincture COA

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The Hemp Folk is a Utah based, farm-to-table style CBD product distributor. We grow the industrial hemp; process the full-spectrum CBD oil traditionally, and distribute directly to YOU! Enjoy our products knowing that each item was made with absolute care and attention to quality.

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