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  • What is CBD?
    CBD stands for Cannabidiol, a prominent naturally occurring class of molecules called cannabinoids found in the plant genus Cannabis Sativa L. CBD comprises up to 40% of the plant and is one of over 60+ compounds found in cannabis. Of these compounds, CBD and THC are usually present in the highest concentrations, and are therefore the most recognized and studied. CBD is a non-psychoactive component of the plant that possesses a wide range of benefits and does not cause a high, unlike THC. Our bodies are made up of an endocannabinoid system and use cannabinoids to maintain healthy cells. Want more info? Visit Harvard’s Health informative page.
  • Is CBD legal?
    Yes, CBD products containing <0.3% THC are legal in all 50 states.
  • Will I feel "high" from CBD?"
    No, CBD will not get you high. THC is the molecule that binds to receptors in the brain and is the one responsible for the psychoactive effects of marijuana. Visit Health’s informative page.
  • Dosage chart - How much CBD should I take?
    Depending on an array of different factors including age, sex, weight, other medications you may be using, and the conditions you’re looking to treat, most people use between 10-50mg of CBD total per day. Make sure you read the label on your product and refer to this dosage chart from Healthy Hemp Outlet:
  • So, what’s traditional infusion?
    Traditional infusion is exactly that, a traditional way of extracting a full-spectrum oil from hemp plants. This differs from commercial extraction in that it doesn’t use ethanol, or butane, or CO2. It simply ‘cooks’ our plants (we don’t use biomass, we only use our flowers) in organic coconut oil, and we use that oil to make our products. Why doesn’t everyone do it this way? There are a few reasons. First, it’s not easy to scale up, and it takes time. It’s not economical for large scale production. Luckily for you, The Hemp Folk are willing to take the time to make small batches that are always fresh! Second, traditional extraction leaves EVERYTHING in the oil. It’s non-discriminatory. We believe that this is the absolute BEST way to get the full benefits of the plant and the accompanying entourage effect. Third, traditional extraction makes oils that are lower CBD percentage. The lower percentage limits the formulation of products. The Hemp Folk spent a long time formulating the perfect products to use with our oils, at concentrations that WORK. We are convinced that our 10mg gummy works more effectively that our competitor’s 20mg gummy. It also tastes better. :)
  • How is CBD different from marijuana?
    Marijuana and hemp are two different varieties of cannabis that come from the same species of plant. In general, CBD and THC are found in both, but it’s the concentrations of each that defines if it’s hemp or marijuana. If a hemp plant contains more than 0.3% THC, it is then technically a “marijuana” plant. Many CBD-based products on the market come from the industrial hemp plant, but there are some made from marijuana plants (because they have isolated out the CBD from the oil). I’m a big fan of simple, less-is-more processing, so I make sure my products are hemp based and minimally processed.
  • Is CBD effective as a topical?
    CBD administered as a topical has been found to be effective for skin conditions as well as for localized muscle soreness and joint pain resulting from inflammation. You can also ask some of our customers that have used our butter and oils for aching muscles, arthritis or Parkinson’s disease. It won’t cure what ails you, but it’ll help alleviate the pain, and that is pretty darn awesome.
  • Will CBD show up on a drug test?
    It depends. If the test is checking for THC, the answer is typically “no”. Although CBD is legal in 50 states, I’d suggest having a discussion with your employer, or at least looking up more info on the internet if there is any lingering concern.
  • Has your product been tested for purity and potency?
    Yes. Our CBD has been tested by a third-party lab in the United States. We currently use DB Labs in Nevada.
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