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We grow specialty crops. We make effective health products with our plants.

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Intentional Growth Farm grows living microgreens and gourmet edible mushrooms! Both are nutrient dense and insanely delicious. Check out our farm website and fall in love. Don't worry, we have subscriptions!

Illustration of The Hemp Folk Products

We grew our own industrial hemp. We processed our oil and products in a commercial kitchen. 

We provide you with simple, highly effective CBD products that work! Shop our online store 24 hrs/day.


Intentional Growth Farm                |                 The Hemp Folk

Why CBD Oil? CBD oil has proven to help with anxious feelings, depressive thoughts, it is a natural pain reliever, an anti-inflammatory, and helps regenerate cell growth. 

Why The Hemp Folk products? The Hemp Folk grows our own industrial hemp plants, we infuse our flower into organic coconut oil, and we handmake all our products as simply and naturally as the law allows. 


Want to know more? 
Our FAQs page has answers to questions such as:

Does CBD make you high? 
How long does CBD last?
What does CBD stand for?
What's the difference between THC and CBD?


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