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I'm not a fan of UDAF

UDAF is Utah Department of Agriculture and Food. They house the Industrial Hemp Division.

Here is my most recent UDAF story:

I applied to register my CBD roll on with UDAF on Aug 4, 2022. I paid the $325 fee on Aug 5th and quickly emailed the product registration folks, because it was important to register this asap. I emailed udaf's product registration division on Aug 7th, asking why product was not on the list on the udaf website. I email UDAF again on Aug 9th. I received no responses.

I called UDAF, was transferred to the product registration division, and left a message (because no one actually answers phones) and received no call back. I called again in September. nothing.

I forgot about it. They'll get back to me. They are a professional agency... On November 9 I received an email from that the required payment for the application was not received therefore they are dropping the application.... wait... what?!?!?!

I emailed them that it WAS paid for. I forwarded the previous emails and told them they need to fix this. I called and left another message. I got the answering machine. I left a message. I asked the operator who i should talk to. She said i did what i can do.

Today, Dec 27, 2022, I called udaf again, because to no one's surprise the roll-on is still not registered. I was transferred to a person 'who can help with questions regarding product registration'. She could not help. I asked who i can talk to and she said she can give me a phone number. i asked if she can walk over to their desk and get them on the phone since I have never had anyone call me back. She is working from home and cannot. I said I wanted my $325 back since my product was never registered. She said there is a $75 processing fee.

I flipped. I did. I lost my cool. How is it possible that I have to pay them $75 for their mistake?!

She gave me Cody James' phone number because I obviously need to be put in my place and he is the ONLY person in the hemp/can

nabis division that can possibly help with me getting all of my money back... but he's not in till tomorrow because it's Christmas (Strange, for me it's Tuesday, 2 days after Christmas and Dec 31st is fast approaching).

She made sure I knew that she will also be there with Cody tomorrow (not working from home) and that she'll email him about me and my concerns.

I am clearly at my wits end with UDAF.


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