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Legality of Shipping Industrial Hemp

This is a copy of a letter we include with every shipment of our industrial hemp flower & joints that contains relevant information and links about the legality of shipping industrial hemp.

To whom it may concern,


This shipment contains legal Industrial Hemp as outlined by the 2018 United States Farm Bill, which legalized the production of hemp and was signed into law on December 20th, 2018 (see for more information). The legality of this shipment is guaranteed through the Farm Bill itself, and is upheld by the USDA, the DEA, and USPS. 

Inside this package, you will find the following the following excerpts:

  • Certificate of Analysis of the material being shipped, showing this material qualifies under the 2018 Federal Farm Bill as Industrial Hemp; and

  • The Industrial Hemp license issued by the State, Tribe or USDA for the grower of this material. 


For additional questions regarding the legality of this shipment, please locate and reference the following documents: 

  1. The USPS Publication 52 Modification, stating clearly that industrial hemp and industrial hemp derivatives, including CBD oils and CBD concentrates are legal to ship in the United States (see:;

  2. The USPS Docket MLB 18-39, in which the case of KAB, LLC v. UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICES is outlined regarding a shipment of industrial Hemp that was seized by the USPS, and the appeal was submitted for the release of the shipment. The Chief Administrative Law Judge, James G. Gilbert, granted the appeal in the grounds that Industrial Hemp is indeed legal to ship, and seizin such product was not permitted or justifiable (see:; and

  3. A USDA Memorandum dated May 28th, 2019, in which the Office of General Counsel concludes that interstate transportation of Industrial hemp is legal per the 2018 Federal Farm Bill (see: 


Thank you for your continued support of this new, emerging industry that is poised to revitalize rural America. The farmers of our country thank you!




Margie Rycewicz-Borecki, PhD.

CEO | The Hemp Folk 

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